Brand Identity Design

Don’t Put Off Brand and Marketing

When you scramble around, or force that on a designer often times the results are less than desirable. Most of the people willing to take on the fly jobs, are less qualified than those that may be booked for months. And as the adage goes, you get what you pay for. However, in this case what may suffer is bigger than your pocket book, it may in fact be the overall image of your company.
Build Your Brand in a Timely Fashion
Consider a plan with a professional that can set out expectations and develop a list of deliverables over an extended period of time.

Consider Brand and Marketing Part of Your Operating Budget

You have costs as any small business or entrepreneur does. Whether it’s the cost of your payroll, electric, rent, or products your business has expenses. Your brand and marketing budget should not be an afterthought and if it is…you are in trouble.

Cash strapped or not, being disciplined enough to create this budget will benefit your business overall in the long run.

Build Your Brand with a Budget

Consider it part of your operating expenses to take at least 5%-15% of your budget to apply directly to branding and marketing efforts. You will see a valuable return on growing your brand recognition and equity in the marketplace.

brand identity design

Questions to Develop a Brand

Some questions if you need help. Answer all or none, just a few questions to dig deeper into why you are in business. Knowing these things help us to get a feel and better understanding of your business in general.

Why am I in business for myself? Money? Time with Family? Passion for the Industry?

What is the purpose of this business? Am I helping someone? Am I providing a Needed Service?

What are my products or services? Why did I choose those products or services to sell?

Why should anyone care that you are in business? (sounds harsh) but this is by far the most valuable question I ask my clients. If you don’t know why someone should care why you’re in business, then you shouldn’t be in business. You won’t be able to sell yourself to anyone if you can’t sell yourself to YOU.

Let us help you discover your brand!

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